Fabio Gea

Fabio Gea Italy

Fabio is a young winemaker whose grandfather bequeathed him a few tiny plots around the Bricco in Barbaresco. When we say small, we mean small. His few rows of Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, and Grignolino amount to less than one hectare. To put that in perspective, if you put all of his land together it wouldn’t even cover the field in Yankee Stadium. He makes such little wine he is able to hand number each bottle with a pen. His wines are unknown to the point that Googling one returns almost no results about the wine.

Everything about Fabio’s wines is unique. Firstly the bottles themselves; His Barbaresco bottlings are labeled with hand-pressed pulp paper. Another is a bottled so oddly shaped you’d think it was unearthed from an ancient tomb or it was hand blown by an ogre on acid.

But what’s in the bottle is far, far, more interesting.