Le Batossay

Le Batossay France

Son of the famed natural winemaker Olivier Cousin, Baptiste is a young renegade in all senses of the word. With thanks to his fathers influence and guidance, Baptiste has truly come into his own as a winemaker and taken creative charge of his vision for Le Batossay. Armed with only a horse and plough, Baptiste symbolises everything that gets us excited about Loire Valley wines.

In 2012 Baptiste was given a small plot of Chenin and Grolleau from his fathers vineyard holdings in the small village of Martigne Briand, Loire Valley. Since that point he has grown and now cultivates just under 10 ha of Chenin Blanc, Grolleau Gris, Grolleau, Gamay, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir, mostly vines taken over from his father. The Black loam soils infused with deep beds of limestone produce wines of concentration, flinty minerality and purity. He is committed to working the land by hand, truly respecting the challenges of what nature gives him. In the cellar he is as hands off as can be, never manipulating the wines and no sulphur is added at any point. His hard work and understanding of his surrounds translates into truly expressive and instinctual wines.