Brood Fermentation

Brood Fermentation New Zealand

Brood Fermentation is the moniker adopted by Jim Brown and Lauren Yap, a kiwi and and American from backgrounds in viticulture and brewing respectively. Lauren grew up in California and spent time working in beekeeping and in the hop industry before turning to brewing in Oregon, but has also done a number of vintages for winemakers, including in Marlborough where the two met. Jim studied winemaking and viticulture, working vintages around the world as well as stints for some for producers like Commune of Buttons and Unkle in Nelson, with whom they now share a winery.

The two settled in Nelson in 2020 and quickly took on vineyard leases while also working with Rob at Unkle. Jim’s viticultural knowledge and commitment to organic and regenerative farming marry well with Lauren’s experience in cellars and the two share a philosophy similar to many of our Lo-Fi producers whereby organic is the baseline, but the work is so much over and above that certification, taking into account polyculture and biodynamic practices. Work in the cellar is transparent and aimed at producing something unadulterated yet refined; neutral oak, unfined, sulfur only at bottling. The result is a suite of wines that speak loudly of Nelson’s gravelly clay soils and cool wet climate, with detail, playfulness and and plenty of energy.