Artesian Lava

  • Artesian Lava

    Riesling Blend

    This year saw a co-ferment of Riesling and Pinot Gris. All grapes come from the Coola vineyard in Kongorong, Mount Gambier on limestone and flint rock. The vineyard is conventionally farmed with swings towards more sustainable growing in the future. The grapes were thrown into tanks and carbonic macerated for a week before being foot stomped and sealer for three months. Once pressed barrels were kept un topped for 9 months before bottling. What resulted was a unique orange wine perhaps never to be made again unless the season allows. Full of bruised stone fruit characters, ripe pineapple, lengthy tannins and huge amounts of structure and complexity but still with our mineral driven edge and acidity from the Mount Gambier soils.