Mai & Kenji Hodgson

Mai & Kenji Hodgson France

Japanese-Canadians Mai & Kenji Hodgson made the jump from Vancouver to the Loire back in 2009 after their years of wine loving turned eventually forced it’s hand into wine making. Born and raised in the outskirts of Vancouver, Kenji studied mechanical engineering at British Columbia University and alongside his studies discovered his love for wine. Shortly after meeting Mai the two travelled to Japan where their affection for minimal intervention wine grew and eventually found themselves in the heart of the Loire.

Now they live in the beautiful village of Rablay-sur-Layon, surrounded by historical vineyards, neighbouring vignerons and 4 hectares of vines to call their own in Anjou. Their soils are largely shale, schist and clay, and their farming strictly organic with some biodynamic practices, entirely motivated by their pursuit of the understanding of terroir. All fruit is handpicked, fermented on native yeast and without any additions whatsoever.

Mai & Kenji’s wines have been somewhat of a revelation for us. After years of seeing their wines celebrated in wine bars in Paris and around the world, they represent for us the true pursuit for expression of terroir and have become some of the most utterly satisfying wines to drink in our Portfolio.